College Student Worker - Culinary Store Room

Virginia Beach, VA

Position Summary: Assembles materials, supplies and equipment used for lab assignments; operates and services equipment used in culinary arts and food production; assists faculty with orders, issues, receives and stores food and supplies. Maintains cleanliness of storeroom and assists in cleaning labs.

Student Qualifications:

• Completed one quarter of the Culinary Arts Program at AI with a GPA of 3.0 or higher

• Serve Safe Certification

• Federal Work Study eligible preferred

• Must be a full-time student (9 credits or more)

• Able to perform Key Job Elements

• Must be in and stay in good academic standing for the duration of employment (CGPA at or above 2.5)

• Must be in and stay in good conduct standing.

Basic Job Requirements:

• Provide assistance to instructional staff

• Demonstrate culinary arts skills and use of equipment

• Effectively and safely operate, adjust and make minor repairs to equipment in a culinary arts and food production department

• Effectively utilize computer hardware and software

• Give clear and concise intrusions

• Keep detailed and precise records

• Secure and store supplies

• Work effectively and cooperatively with students and instructional staff

• Assembles supplies and sets up apparatus used in class demonstrations such as food ingredients for each recipe

• Issues supplies, materials and equipment to faculty

• Keeps records and effects the return of supplies and equipment checked out to faculty

• Operates, adjusts and makes minor repairs on equipment such as mixers, slicers, ovens, microwaves, toasters

• Maintains inventory records of food supplies, material and equipment and prepares periodic inventory reports and requisitions

• Inspects and stores supplies

• Keep storeroom and work areas orderly and clean

• Performs related duties as assigned

• Well Organized

• Understand rules of time management

• Clearly demonstrates confidentiality

Required Skills:

• Supplies and equipment used in culinary arts

• Safety and sanitation rules, practices and safeguards applicable to food handling, presentation, production and storage

• Capabilities of computer systems, software and hardware common to instructional laboratories

• Principles of recordkeeping

• Customer service experience and a pleasant demeanor.

• Must be in and maintain excellent academic standing and attendance.

• Ability to understand the importance of timeliness and quality of work.

• Ability and willingness to take direction.

• Ability to think independently and resolve problems when appropriate.

• All final applicants will be subject to a drug screen after an offer of employment is made and prior to commencing work.

Performance Reviews: Students will be evaluated on a quarterly basis by the hiring manager. Managers should maintain all records for performance reviews and submit them to the students file as necessary.

JOB CODE: 1000050